Madelaine Osborne

Mind - Body - Energy Worker

Madelaine has been exploring health solutions since 1986, when she experienced traumatic brain and physical injury from an auto accident that put her in the hospital for 5 weeks. She spent the next several years reassembling her life; healing her mind and body; and learning about balancing energy, health and wellness. This holistic approach has been the foundation for her business, Healing Horizons, LLC, which she started in 2000, upon becoming a Certified Therapeutic Massage Therapist. She is respected by her clients for combining her many certifications and expertise to find healing solutions to physical, emotional and spiritual challenges and imbalances.

Madelaine was introduced to the transformational work of RIM® in 2008, when she met its creator, Dr. Deborah Sandella, PhD. After this powerful introduction to the benefits of RIM®, she knew that she wanted to offer this amazing healing experience to others. She completed her RIM® Facilitator training in 2009 and went on to complete the Masters RIM® training in May of 2015.


Master RIM® Facilitator
Reiki Degrees 1 & 2 - Usui Shiki Ryoho        
Therapeutic Massage
Advanced Neuromuscular Technique
Advanced Fascial Function
Hot Stone Massage
Prenatal Massage
BEST (Bio Energetic Systems Technique) Practitioner  
Universal White Time Healing 1, 2, 3 ,4,
Beyond & Board of Knowledge 1 & 2

The mission of Healing Horizons is to maximize the quality of life by connecting people to their inherent wholeness, revealing their wisdom and power, giving them freedom to create the life they desire.

About The RIM® Method

RIM® (Re-generating Images in Memory) is a powerful mind/body technique that helps identify and remove emotional blocks, as well as self sabotaging beliefs that hold us back from experiencing a healthy, happy, vibrant life. RIM® can offer quick and effective solutions to many ongoing issues and fear based thinking.

RIM® uncovers your extraordinary hidden resources to lift your spirit, heal your mind and body, and inspire effortless action!

RIM® works on mental, emotional, physical and any other type of issue that inhibits you from living a healthy, happy and successful life. RIM® is highly recommended for people who feel they are doing everything they can to fulfill their dreams of health, wealth and happiness, yet obstacles continue to show up to block their path.










    Self-Worth Issues


    Stress & Overwhelm

    Toxic Relationships

    Weight Management

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Madelaine Osborne

“There is not one of us on the journey who doesn't need a helpful ally in going places we haven't gone, but we know we need to go. Madsie is that ally. With awareness, compassion and intuition she lovingly guides you to new levels of awareness, understanding and wellness. Trained in a variety of body-mind modalities, you can be assured the work you do together will be just what you need.” —Melanie M


“With her calm and nurturing presence, Madelaine deftly guides her clients through their personal emotional journeys. She keeps the process feeling safe, allowing her clients to access the very edge of their distress.” —Jennifer N

“Madelaine's skills are the absolute best and she truly has healing hands! She energizes and relaxes your body and releases muscular tension with her deep tissue work. Not only do her healing capabilities offer physical comfort, but her work can give you a profound mental and emotional effect, improving your mind and body connection. Her distinct healing talents give you immediate relief and a sense of peace.”
—Hayden C

“My husband and I first met Madsie over 10 years ago, when we moved to Colorado. She has used different healing modalities on us. As she works with your energy field, you can feel her grace and wisdom come through and she truly works from her heart's center. A giver with no expectations. We are blessed to know her!” —Katherine E

“I've been seeing Madelaine for her energy work over 15 years. I love that she continues to grow in her skills and knowledge so she is able to treat the whole body-physically, mentally and emotionally. Her guided meditations have been deeply effective for me and her techniques work incredibly well. Madelaine's intuition and knowledge allow her to be very helpful for anyone wanting to improve their life.” —Donna G

“Madelaine is a caring, kind person who provides highly individualized care for her clients. She is an exceptional therapist and has done so much to help keep me healthy. She is an absolute gem.” —Richard A

“I have done RIM® with Dr. Deborah Sandella, PhD., originator of the process. Recently, I had RIM® sessions with Madelaine Osborne. My experience with Madsie, as she is known, has been wonderful. Madsie is highly skilled in RIM® and similar healing processes. She is a very warm and caring person that treated me with respect and kindness. Most importantly, I benefited greatly from the sessions. I highly recommend Madsie if you are seeking the increased well-being associated with RIM®.” —Lewis D

“I have been a client of Madelaine's for over 10 years. She is a gem of a massage therapist who I would highly recommend to anyone. I appreciate her knowledge of the body and mind and that she uses different modalities to heal the body. No matter my ache or pain I always leave her space feeling 100%.” —Theresa S

“What a wonderful person Madelaine is. I've been seeing her for over 15 years. Every time I leave, I feel a healing of both my body and soul. Madelaine is one of the most caring genuine people that I know. She is a skilled practitioner and I am always taken back again at how well she reads my body. She knows where I'm tense or sore. She knows how to loosen every joint. And I consider her a very good friend. I am so grateful to know her. I am blessed to have found her.” —Henk D

“From the moment I met Madelaine, I knew that her positive energy and calming demeanor would have a positive impact on my state of mind. Her ability to patiently guide you towards a solution to a problem is remarkable. I highly recommend her!” —Jaime H